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Farewell Gift

How to send a goodbye gift to a coworker from a group

Mobsgift is an online platform that enables you and your group to quickly send a premium gift to your coworker (or a friend). Pool money together and send a meaningful gift that values your friendship.                 

Farewell Gift Baskets or Flowers

Appreciate your colleague with a goodbye-gift

Your coworker is going away, and you want to appreciate them with a meaningful gift, perhaps include other people to participate as well?

You often can’t pick your coworkers, but sometimes you get lucky and there are some you actually want to be friends with. Gather your coworkers, pool money together and send a quality gift that will allow you to show your fondness and create a long lasting friendship.

Start A Gift Campaign

Just pick an occasion to start a gift-from-a-group. Type in your recipient and your campaign is created.

Invite Others To Join

Next, invite your coworkers or friends to join. They can view your campaign by clicking on the URL. 

Split The Gift Cost

Everyone invited can contribute towards the campaign, invite more people and leave comments. 

The Gift Is Delivered

After the goal is reached your recipient will receive the gift on behalf of the whole group.