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Admin Day

Wednesday, April 25
Administrative Professionals' Day 2018


Appreciate your office admin

Administrative Professionals Day is just around the corner – it will be held on Wednesday April 25, 2018. On this day, all administrative professionals including secretaries, assistants and all office aides are celebrated and recognized.

This year, don’t let Administrative Professionals Day bog your schedule down! We know just how difficult it can be to arrange a group gift in the office. Firstly, someone has to be in charge of setting up a group pool, and constantly has to send reminder emails to the entire team to contribute funds for the group gift. More often than not, team members forget to bring cash contributions so the dreaded “I Owe You” are set-up.

With everything else going on in the office, these I.O.U’s are usually forgotten and whomever has loaned funds tends to unfortunately lose them. Not to mention the time it takes to send the barrage of emails reminding the entire team of the group gift and deadlines.

We all have busy schedules so it is very difficult for any office staff member to organize and create such initiatives. For this reason, many offices don’t take the time to celebrate their employees and completely overlook Administrative Professionals Day. Yet to preserve a strong, enthusiastic and driven team, it is important to recognize and celebrate the success of each employee.  And when you are nice to your admin - a lot of office perks miraculously come your way!

Start A Gift Campaign

Just pick an occasion to start a gift-from-a-group. Type in your recipient and your campaign is created.

Invite Others To Join

Next, invite your coworkers or friends to join. They can view your campaign by clicking on the URL. 

Split The Gift Cost

Everyone invited can contribute towards the campaign, invite more people and leave comments. 

The Gift Is Delivered

After the goal is reached your recipient will receive the gift on behalf of the whole group.

Countdown to Administrative Professionals' Day 2018

Gift Timeline

How to Schedule an Admin Day Gift

the Admin gift in mind

Sometimes in April, you might remember the Admin appreciation day is coming up. Now, that’s the best time to start thinking about starting a gift campaign. Go to and pick a premium gift basket or flowers.

Energize your team / office

Invite your team members to secretly participate (to keep it surprise). You will receieve a URL that leads to your online gift campaign. Send it via event page or work email to your coworkers.

Say hello to premium gifts

• Say goodbye to cheap, unwanted trinkets.
• Say goodbye to messy I.Owe.You(s).

• Say HELLO to quality gifts where everyone pitches-in and enjoys gifting experience together.

Wednesday, April 25 2018

The gift from the whole office (team or coworkers) will be delivered to your admin. Celebrate and enjoy together!

Trivia You Could Get Questioned on a Quiz

• Administrative Professionals Day and Week was founded by Mary Barrett (past president of the National Secretaries Association), C. King Woodbridge (President of Dictaphone Corporation); and Harry F. Klemfuss (Public relations executive at Young & Rubicam).

• Originally, “Secretaries Day” was developed to attract potential employees and help reduce workplace shortages.

• More than 4 million people work in administrative roles in the U.S.

• Administrative Professionals Day is one of the largest workplace celebrations.

• Some administrative personnel include accountants, bookkeepers, secretaries, postal workers, couriers, bank tellers, etc.

• Administrative personnel are celebrated with gifts including flowers, gift baskets, name plates, lunches, and sweet treats.

• Hallmark began making cards for Administrative Professionals Day in 1973.