Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mobsgift?

Mobsgift is a collaborative group gifting platform.  We believe that each present should represent the value of the relationship. Our approach to gifting allows you to pool money together with your team, send a premium gift and enjoy together. 

How does it work?

To get started, pick an occasion or select a gift from the store. This will create your gift campaign so you can invite more people to join. Once the goal is reached, the campaign turns green, and we will deliver the gift to your recipient. It's as simple as that!

Fees and cost?

All fees and costs are included in the campaign goal amount including the cost of the gift, delivery and service fees, payment fees, tax and other associated costs. 

How does the auto-select work?

Auto-select option is the most convenient form of raising funds for a premium gift.  Your campaign will not be limited with reaching the goal or estimating how many people to invite.  The size and premium level of your gift will be based on total amount of funds raised. We will send the best-selling gift in the given price range to your recipient, for your particular occasion. 

How many people can I invite?

Invite as many participants as you want, each contribution is private so everyone can contribute as much as they are comfortable with. 

What if my campaign gift goal is not reached?

No worries, you will be issued 100% refund within hours.

How much time do people have to chip in?

When you create a gift campaign, you will set a delivery date. Based on the type of gift you choose, the contribution timeframe will be displayed on the event page.

Can each person give a different amount?

Yes. Each contribution is private and everyone can chip-in as much as they are comfortable with.

How do I invite people to join the campaign?

You can invite them directly from the campaign event page via email. The best way is to copy/paste your event link and send it from your personal or work email in order to avoid the spam traps.

Can I use Mobsgift if I am not in the US?

Yes, if the recipient resides in the US, you can certainly create a gift campaign.  However, please note that our flower gifts can only be delivered within the US.

How are the gifts delivered?

The gifts are fulfilled either by Mobsgift or by one of the partner shops within our affiliate network, depending on the recipient's location.

What is your refund policy?

Given the fact that our affiliate partners have a different refund policy, each case will be reviewed separately. 

Who do I contact with questions?

  • Chat with our helpdesk by clicking on the chat icon.
  • Use the contact form.
  • Or email us at: